This was how my dad reacted when I gave him an iPod a few years ago.

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thank you i fuckin hateee himmmm hahaa


thank you i fuckin hateee himmmm hahaa

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sometimes you just need to lay on the floor and do nothing for three years

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a picture of leonardo di caprio crying, made out of pictures of oscar winners

I laughed at this for an inexcusable amount of time. 

I laughed at this for an inexcusable amount of time. 

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Sleep No More New Year’s Eve 2014 Party at The McKittrick Hotel

Maybe I should’ve gone to the NYE party.

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Oh, 2013.

I think I needed to write this post for myself just so I could take a deep breath and say, “it was a fine year, little miss.” This is mainly because I feel like the year was so rushed and it’s difficult these days to take a moment and think.

Here are some awesome things I did this year:

  • Let go from my job. Okay, so this doesn’t sound awesome but it was a job that I wasn’t happy with. Sure, the perks were nice but it was a real pain in the ass. And I was able to apply for unemployment which was beautiful.
  • Accepted into graduate school. 
  • Took cooking classes and learn how to fend for myself food-wise.
  • Visited New Orleans with Carly. We saw some gators, some boar, some promiscuous married men, some jazz, and some booze. 
  • Visited Los Angeles with Carly and hung out with my best dude, Ryan. We did some cute touristy shit, were audience members for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and went to Disneyland!
  • Had the best sandwich ever on an American Airlines flight. This one is weird. But it was a really good sandwich.
  • Drove to Bonnaroo with Danielle and Carly. So sweaty but so much fun. 
  • Spent a lot of quality time with my family. 
  • Started grad school at the New School. 3 A’s and a B+, mothafuckassssss. 
  • Saw a lot of great concerts (Sound City Players, Taylor Swift, Jay Z & Justin Timberlake, and everyone in between) and theater productions (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Macbeth, Glass Menagerie, and more).
  • Went to Disney World again with mom. Fucking magical! 

I don’t really have any resolutions for 2014. Maybe read some more books? I read a lot in 2012 but not as much in 2013. I’d like to say I’ll do more traveling next year but I probably won’t due to financial reasons. It’s silly, I have the time to travel but not the money, when I have the money (a job) I won’t have the time. 

Here’s to the next year.